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Why the Jerusalem Shelter for Battered Women?

Since its inception in fall 2013, Music Director and Founder, Leah Peer envisioned Kol Nashim, the women’s choir of the Colorado Hebrew Chorale,  as a community of women, making music in support of the larger community of women. “There was always an idea to conclude our season with a benefit concert on behalf of a women’s charity”, says Peer.

In May 2014, the first Kol Nashim benefit concert “Woman to Woman” took place at Congregation Rodef Shalom in Denver, raising $1,400 for the Shelter. In May 2015, two concerts were held – one at Congregation B’nai Chaim in Morrison, and the second at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in Denver, and raised $2,800, which were matched by an anonymous donor.

This year, Kol Nashim will perform its “Woman to Woman” concert on Sunday afternoon, May 21, 2017 at Bonai Shalom in Boulder, and on Thursday evening, May 25, 2017 at Rodef Shalom in Denver.

The decision to raise money on behalf of “Woman to Woman”, the Jerusalem Shelter for Battered Women, grew out of a series of personal connections. Ms. Peer’s mother, Ruth Keusch who resides in Israel, was part of a film-making group of seniors who created short documentary films for public access television. One of the films Mrs. Keusch worked on was a fund-raising video for the Jerusalem Shelter.

While strolling down King George Street in Jerusalem, Ms Peer shared her vision with her mother, who in turn told her about the Shelter video. They were suddenly stopped by a woman who knew Mrs. Keusch. It was Naomi Schneiderman, the current director of “Woman to Woman”. “There was an instant connection between us”, says Peer.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Videography by Ruth Keusch, was done at the Shelter in June 2015 during building improvements.

What is unique to the Jerusalem Shelter?

In addition to providing a safe haven, Woman to Woman has two unique programs that set it apart from other shelters for battered women. Although the Shelter does receive funding from the State of Israel, these programs are paid for primarily by donations.

The Children’s Center provides support for the children arriving with their mothers. Assistance is provided to children of all ages, and ranges from daycare, to individual counseling and tutoring, and on to intervention at local schools to ease transition and placement. This program is completely funded by donations.

The Halfway Apartments assist women who are ready, and have the necessary life skills, to transition out of the Shelter and into the real world. There are twelve apartments, each housing two women and their children. Six of the apartments are funded by the State of Israel. The other six are solely funded by donations.

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