The Colorado Hebrew Chorale: A Celebration of Life, Heritage, and Music2016 collage mini_Fotor

When Music Director, Carol Kozak Ward founded the Colorado Hebrew Chorale (CHC) in September 1993, there were no choirs in Colorado dedicated to Jewish music in all its facets. From its inception, the primary goals of the Chorale have been to preserve, promote, perform and celebrate Jewish music, while serving the community at large.

The establishment of the CHC filled a niche, providing area choristers a place to learn and share this unique repertoire with diverse audiences, and enriching the local cultural landscape.

Over the course of its first year, the CHC registered as a 501(c) 3. In 2003 CHC was welcomed as a Tier III member of SCFD, the Scientific and Cultural District. In 2013 the Colorado Hebrew Chorale launched Kol Nashim, literally “Women’s Voices”, an SSAA choir, expanding participation for singers and audience members.

Both choruses are made up of amateur singers drawn from all areas of greater Denver, representing the diversity of the community. Singers of all religions, races and gender identities are welcome.

Throughout the course of the organization’s history, while CHC’s basic mission has not changed, our reach has increased. We seek new audiences each year through word of mouth recommendations, and ongoing marketing. These efforts have enabled us to bring our program offerings to Colorado communities from Longmont to Colorado Springs.

The Chorale remains the only volunteer organization based in Denver offering ongoing Holocaust education through music to schools, religious institutions, and at government observances. It also provides programming throughout the year at Jewish and community venues such as local festivals, senior centers, libraries and hospitals.


The Colorado Hebrew Chorale is a fully independent non-profit organization.

Support for the Chorale’s activities have come friends and family,

  • from the City and County of Denver
  • from Colorado Creative Industries
  • from JEWISHcolorado (formerly known as Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado),
  • from SCFD, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.
  • from a variety of private foundations