L’Chaim -Jewish Music from Anywhere! 2022

Launched in August 2020 by the Colorado Hebrew Chorale, L’Chaim – A Taste of Jewish Music from – Anywhere! is a monthly, interactive online program combining music, food, and armchair “visits”.

Season Two began after Passover with two sessions presented by Adrienne Suson and continued with a June 21 presentation by Nick Page. Videos of these presentations are below.

L’Chaim resumes in February 2022 with a session on the music of Lewis Lewandowski

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While the L’Chaim! offerings are free and open to the public, registration is required so that participants can receive the Zoom link, songsheets plus recipes and/or food and drink recommendations .

L’Chaim – Jewish Music from Berlin

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

7:30 PM MST

The Colorado Hebrew Chorale’s arm-chair travelogue “visits” Berlin’s synagogue scene from the mid-nineteenth century onward. This month’s cultural exchange, hosted by Seth Ward, includes the melodies of those prayers which became “standards”, focusing especially on the life, times and music  of Lewis Lewandowski.
In addition,  local food/ drink recommendations will be given.

The program can be viewed on zoom (with registration

or on the Colorado Hebrew Chorale’s FaceBook page.


Support of L’Chaim! has been provided by SCFD (the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District), Colorado Creative Industries, Union Pacific Foundation, the Bain Family Foundation, Anonymous, Rose Community Foundation, the City and County of Denver, and friends of the Colorado Hebrew Chorale.
Information: (303)355-0232 


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L’Chaim Season 2 – 2021



L’Chaim! – A Taste of Jewish Music from Dreamland (Jewish lullabies)

Monday, May 24, 2021 
7:30 PM, MDT


Join presenter Adrienne Suson for a journey through the music that impacts Jewish children and youth in their formative years. It is sure to be a trip down memory lane for some, and a first time encounter with some wonderful songs for others.

Adrienne ‘Auntie A’ Suson is a licensed Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach facilitator, and marketing director. It was easy for her to follow her passion toward a career in Jewish education, with a background steeped in synagogue life, music, and love for children.

While still in high school, Adrienne started working as a volunteer for youth care and program development at many Colorado synagogues and non-profit organizations. Her early experience as a preschool teacher motivated her to pursue extensive study, leading to a degree in Human Development, with an emphasis in early childhood education.

Through her unique and effective “outside of the box” approach, positive attitude, defined focus on secular and religious curriculum, scheduling, structure, and classroom management, she assisted in upgrading her preschool’s Colorado licensing rating.

Adrienne now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, as the Program Director at Congregation Har Tzeon -Agudath Achim – her (rabbi) brother’s congregation. She is also a licensed Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach facilitator, and marketing consultant, holding accreditations in Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach & Yoga Yeladim (Kidding Around Yoga); two programs committed to children’s music, mindfulness and Jewish education.


Click Here for May 24 Song Sheet

Click Here for Recipe for Rainbow Adult Hot Chocolate



Stay tuned – plans for additional 2021 programs are underway.

Information will be available soon!



Information: (303)355-0232, info@coloradohebrewchorale.org


Sponsorship of L’Chaim includes SCFD (the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District), CCI (Colorado Creative Industries), Union Pacific Foundation, Rose Community Foundation, the City and County of Denver, and the friends and supporters of the Colorado Hebrew Chorale.

L’Chaim! – A Taste of Jewish Music from Summer Camp

Monday, April 26, 2021

Click Here for April 26 Song Sheet

Click Here for Recipe for S’mores

L’Chaim! – A Taste of Jewish Music from – Abayudaya to Bosnia!

Monday June 21, 2021
7:30 pm MDT

 Nick is a Boston-based musician, composer, choral conductor and author, best known for his song leading prowess.  In the 1980s he was a conductor with the Emmy Award-winning Chicago Children’s Choir.  Since 1990, he has led Boston’s Mystic Chorale, a chorus that breaks down the hierarchy and brings their audiences to singing and dancing along with the choristers. Nick  has guest conducted around the globe, including  three of the four Carnegie Halls (Pittsburgh, New York, and Scotland)., and his choral works have premiered everywhere from humble school assemblies to Lincoln Center.  Author of three books, Nick has also published nearly 100 diverse choral pieces. Of special note to Jewish choral devotees, Nick’s works include settings in Hebrew and Ladino. 

Nick believes that there should be no separation between talented and less experienced singers.   His work spans from children and adults to awaken their love of singing. Nick also trains educators, both classroom teachers and music specialists, in workshops designed to foster creativity and compassion, integrating music into science, reading, and history, and making subject content and emotions come alive.  

A great lover and teacher of world music, Nick has studied with Joseph Shabalala from South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo as well as musicians from Chile, India, Bulgaria, Israel, West Africa, Ireland and America’s many roots traditions.  He is the recipient of the Zamir Choral Foundation’s Hallel V’Zimrah Award and has been a frequent guest at the North American Jewish Choral Festival. For more info:  www.nickmusic.com.


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