Zemirot Database

Have you ever found yourself the guest at a Shabbis (Ashkenazi pronunciation of Shabbat, meaning sabbath) table when suddenly your hosts break out in zemirot (Jewish hymns, though folk song may be more appropriate in some instances) and, though the words may seem familiar, the tunes do not? Never fear, Zemirot Database to the rescue!…

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Meet our Members

Introducing Bonnie Kossoff, CHC board member and long time alto. In answer to the question “How did you hear about CHC and when and why did you join Bonnie responded: “It's so long ago it's hard to remember… I was in Shir Ami before there was a CHC.  When Carol was asked to do the…

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Mourning Marvin Hamlisch

At the funeral of Marvin Hamlisch, there were, of course, performances of songs he wrote, and a eulogy by Bill Clinton. It was also reported that the funeral included this line of poetry: “Oh, he had one more melody, and now that melody is lost forever, lost forever.” This is from a poem by Hayyim…

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