2019 Honoree Estelle Nadel


Herself a hidden child in Poland and a witness to the atrocities of the second World War, Ms. Nadel speaks tirelessly about her childhood experiences throughout the Rocky Mountain region, reaching  schools, senior centers, libraries, and houses of worship, and forging a unique connection with audiences through her poignant soprano singing.

The choirs of the Colorado Hebrew Chorale are thrilled to honor long time soprano Estelle Nadel at Raisins & Almonds 2019.




2016 IJN article by Andrea Jacobs

Estelle’s saga: running from death as a child in the Holocaust


City of ArvadaYoutube Interview with Estelle


Estelle soloist on Zol Shoy Kumen di Geuleh 2016

Estelle soloist on Makh Tsu Di Eygelakh 2014